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Welcome to Bari Sax Playin' Brandon's site!!!

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About Me

Hello my name is Brandon! I live in a small town in Oklahoma. Thank you for visiting my web site!!!
I like to roller blade, ride my bike, and play any instrument I pick up. I play the alto, bari, and soprano sax, clarinet, flute, trumpet, french horn, recorder, harmonica, piano, and keyboard.
I take karate. My style is Tae-Kwon-Do. I am a red belt (2 belts from black!) I have been taking karate for about 5 years maybe 6. Hello to all my friends in the karate class. Kathrine, Kara, DAMON, Mike, Matt, Brittany, Thomas, and Mr. Rouse.
I have several homepages. I have a sax site, a "Weird Al" sitea Page About Me, and a Looney Tunes photo album.
Hello to kathrine, kara, dad, mom, missy, melissa, matt, brittany, Jesus , caitlin, Brooke, amy, shelly, and whoever is reading this page

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My FREE Sheetmusic

I have FREE Sheetmusic up for grabs. You can get FREE Piano music off of my site. I will e-mail it to you. The custom sites are all of my Piano music sites. Custom is the Beginner and Intermediate music. Custom 2 is Advanced. Custom 3 is Christmas. and Custom 4 is Blank music.

Types of Saxophones

F Sopranino
Eb Sopranino
C Soprano
Bb Soprano
Eb Alto
F Mezzo-Alto
Bb Tenor
C Tenor (also known as a C-Melody)
Eb Baritone
F Baritone
B Baritone
Bb Bass
C Bass
Eb Contrabass
BBb SubContrabass
F Contrabass
Eb Contrabass

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